Home Lunch Dinner


Crispy Spring Rolls     6

crispy rice paper rolls with noodles & mix vegetables


Shrimp Cones    8

crispy stuffed shrimp with minced chicken


Chicken Satay     8

marinated grill skewers with peanut sauce


Steamed Dumplings       7

steamed minced chicken with soy dipping


Fried Chicken Dumplings    6

crispy minced chicken filled dumplings


Cheese Rolls      6

rice wrapped rolls stuff with flavored cheese


Fresh Basil Rolls                     6

hand rolled rice paper w/ noodles, fresh basil, & sweet tofu


Coconut Shrimp                     7


Fried Calamari   7



Soups & Salads

Coconut Mushroom Soup w/ Shrimp      5

Coconut Mushroom Soup w/ Chicken  or  Tofu   4

Lemongrass Mushroom Soup w/ Shrimp                  5

Lemongrass Mushroom Soup w/ Chicken or Tofu   4

Chicken Wonton & Vegetable Soup         4

Garden Salad     5

w/ peanut dressing


Nam Sod chili-300px.png           11

ground chicken w/ lemon-lime, onions, scallions, ginger, and peanuts


Tiger's Tears chili-300px.png     13

grilled beef w/ chili-lime seasoning, onions, scallions, sweet peppers



Noodles & Rice

(Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu  or  Vegetables)

(Beef  or  Shrimp)    + 2


Pad Thai Noodles    13

rice noodles, egg, onions, baked tofu, bean sprouts, & peanuts


Pad Se Ew Noodles    13

thick rice noodles, egg, broccoli, carrots, & cabbage stir-fried with soy


Drunken Noodles chili-300px.png     13

fresh Thai basil, rice noodles, egg, onions, chili, baby corn, green beans, & sweet peppers


Thai Fried Rice    12

onions, scallions, & egg


Basil Fried Rice chili-300px.png     13

fresh Thai basil, egg, onion, peppers, and chili


Signature Dishes

Honey / Garlic Chicken 15

battered chicken glazed in savory honey-garlic pepper on vegetables


Chili Glazed Chicken chili-300px.png   15

golden crispy chicken simmer in fresh chili wine sauce


Crispy Basil Duck chili-300px.png           20

crispy duck filet with fresh Thai basil, chili, onions, & peppers


Royal Duck        20

crispy duck filet top w/ fresh ginger cherry wine sauce


Panang Curry Duck chili-300px.png       20

boneless duck filet simmer in rich coconut curry


Shrimp & Chicken Garlic Wine  17

sautéed w/ fresh garlic & black pepper sauce on mix veggies


Earth, Wind &Fire   17

Shirmp & Chicken, carrotts, water chesnuts, celery, baby corn and onion


Rama Shrimp chili-300px.png  18

rich coconut curry, mix vegetables, & ground peanuts

Volcano Shrimp chili-300px.png  18

Grilled Shrimp, home style chili sauce on mix veggies


  Basil Scallop chili-300px.png     19

Atlantic scallops top fresh Thai basil, onions, & sweet peppers


Garlic Scallop     19

pan seared scallops w/ onions, shitake mushroom, & black peppers

Rama Scallop     19

rich coconut curry, mix vegetables, & ground peanuts


  Basil Mahi-mahi chili-300px.png    22

pan seared filet with Thai basil, onions, peppers, & minced shrimp





(Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu  or  Vegetables)   

(Beef  or  Shrimp)   +2


Masaman Curry chili-300px.png 15

yellow coconut curry, onions, sweet peppers, avocado, & cashew nuts


Red Curry chili-300px.png15

rich coconut curry, bamboo, sweet peppers, green beans, & Thai basil


Green Curry chili-300px.png 15

savory coconut curry, bamboo, sweet peppers, green beans, & basil

Panang Curry chili-300px.png 15

rich savory coconut curry, sweet peppers, & ground peanuts

Rama Curry chili-300px.png 15

rich coconut curry, mix veggies, & ground peanuts



Basil chili-300px.png 14

fresh Thai basil sautéed chili, onions, & sweet peppers



Ginger 14

fresh ginger, onions, sweet peppers, scallions, & mushroom


Garden 14

daily cut mix vegetables sautéed with garlic-soy


Garlic & Pepper 14

fresh minced garlic and black pepper sautéed on mix vegetables


Cashew Delights 14

celery, onion, carrots, water chesnut and sweet peppers



Honey/Garlic Tofu  13

crispy tofu glazed with honey-garlic on mix vegetables


3 Flavors Tofu chili-300px.png   13

crispy tofu season in chili served on mix vegetables


Buddha Delight   13

daily cut mix vegetables & tofu sautéed with garlic-soy


Eggplant & Tofu chili-300px.png    13

sautéed w/ chili, onions, sweet peppers, & fresh Thai basil

chili-300px.png  Please indicate your degree of spice

All entree serve with steamed rice / brown rice  1.5

Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more



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