Home Lunch Dinner



Crispy Spring Rolls            6

crispy rice paper rolls with noodles & mix vegetables


Shrimp Cones    8

crispy stuffed shrimp with minced chicken


Chicken Satay    8

marinated grill skewers with peanut sauce


Steamed Dumplings       7

steamed minced chicken with soy dipping


Fried Chicken Dumplings    6

crispy minced chicken filled dumplings


Cheese Rolls      6

rice wrapped rolls stuff with flavored cheese


Fresh Basil Rolls                   6

hand rolled rice paper with noodles, fresh basil, & sweet tofu


Coconut Shrimp                    7



Soups & Salads

Coconut Mushroom Soup w/ Shrimp      4

Coconut Mushroom Soup w/ Chicken  or  Tofu   3.5

Lemongrass Mushroom Soup w/ Shrimp    4

Lemongrass Mushroom Soup w/ Chicken or Tofu   3.5

Chicken Wonton & Vegetable Soup         3.5


Garden Salad     4.5

w/ peanut dressing


Nam Sod chili-300px.png           9

ground chicken w/ lemon-lime, onions, scallions, ginger, and peanuts


Tiger's Tears chili-300px.png     10

grilled beef w/ chili-lime seasoning, onions, scallions, sweet peppers



Noodles & Rice

(Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu  or  Vegetables)

(Beef  or  Shrimp)   + 2


Pad Thai Noodles    9

rice noodles, egg, onions, baked tofu, bean sprouts, & peanuts


Pad Se Ew Noodles    9

thick rice noodles, egg, broccoli, carrots, & cabbage stir-fried with soy


Drunken Noodles chili-300px.png     9

fresh Thai basil, rice noodles, egg, onions, chili, baby corn, green beans, & sweet peppers


Thai Fried Rice    8

onions, scallions, & egg


Basil Fried Rice chili-300px.png     9

fresh Thai basil, egg, onion, peppers, and chili



Signature Dishes

Honey/Garlic Chicken    11

battered chicken glazed in savory honey-garlic pepper on vegetables


Chili Glazed Chicken chili-300px.png     11

golden crispy chicken simmer in fresh chili wine sauce


Shrimp & Chicken Garlic Wine    13

sautéed w/ fresh garlic & black pepper sauce on mix veggies

Earth, Wind,& Firechili-300px.png 13
shrimp & chicken, green beans, carrots, water chestnut, celery, corn, & onions

Panang Duckchili-300px.png 14
rich coconut curry and mix veggies

Royal Duck 14
ginger-cherry wine sauce, shitake mushroom, mix veggies

Sriracha Fish 13
homemade chili sauce on mix veggies

Green Curry Fish 13
zesty coconut curry, with bamboo, green beans, fresh basil  





(Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu  or  Vegetables)   

(Beef  or  Shrimp)    +2


Masaman Curry chili-300px.png 11

yellow coconut curry, onions, sweet peppers, avocado, & cashew nuts


Red Curry chili-300px.png11

rich coconut curry, bamboo, sweet peppers, green beans, & Thai basil


Green Curry chili-300px.png 11

savory coconut curry, bamboo, sweet peppers, green beans, & basil

Rama Curry chili-300px.png 11

simmer rich coconut curry, & ground peanuts


Basil chili-300px.png 10

fresh Thai basil sautéed chili, onions, & sweet peppers

  Ginger 10

fresh ginger, onions, sweet peppers, scallions, & mushroom


Garden 10

daily cut mix vegetables sautéed with garlic-soy


Garlic & Pepper 10

fresh minced garlic and black pepper sautéed on mix vegetables


Cashew Delights

celery, onion, carrots, water chesnut and sweet peppers






Honey/Garlic Tofu    9

crispy tofu glazed with honey-garlic on mix vegetables


3 Flavors Tofu chili-300px.png    9

crispy tofu season in chili served on mix vegetables


Buddha Delight    9

daily cut mix vegetables & tofu sautéed with garlic-soy


Eggplant & Tofu chili-300px.png     9

eggplant & tofu sautéed w/ chili, onions, sweet peppers, & Thai basil




chili-300px.png  Please indicate your degree of spice

All entree serve with steamed rice / brown rice  1.5

Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more





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